Afleet Alex, Barbaro, and  live by Robert at the 2008  Alex's Lemonade Stand  fundraiser in Philadelphia


They allow the by-products of my labor and talent to benefit others.

I have visited many of these organizations and witnessed first-hand the great work of the people doing the hands on work of these charities.  While I am constantly asked to donate to a seemingly endless list of causes; I have been able to concentrate my support for several organizations involved in a wide array of activities both inside and out of the thoroughbred racing industry.

While I have made a conscious decision to work full time in the sport of horse racing, I am able to contribute to causes that benefit four major areas:


  • The people who support this sport
  • The jockeys
  • The horses
  • Various non-equine charities many of which are spearheaded by my racing clients

The reward for answering a solicitation request is the “exposure” the artist receives by having their artwork at these events.

The artist GIVES because he or she WANTS to GIVE to a select cause that is important to that artist.  In my experience as the head of several art organizations and as the host of a public television show on the arts, I’ve seen more artists who could benefit from a fundraiser than any other ‘profession’.   With all that being said I can proudly say that it is my pleasure and my privilege to be able to contribute to the people and horses in this great thoroughbred industry and look forward to continuing to do so as long as positive work can be accomplished for the common good.

As of 2011

Robert’s live painting for charity have raised over $250,000 for organizations such as:

Additionally, Robert prints are used by several organizations and add considerably to the total dollars raised for charity.