Behind the Paint: Mucho Macho Man

Mucho Macho Man-2

Mucho Macho Man appeared on the national scene shortly after being acquired by Dean and Patti Reeves Thoroughbred Racing.  My initial contact with the Reeves came as a congratulations letter to the newcomers in the industry.  They were both very gracious and led to some extended conversations.

Early in MMM’s racing career, Patti mentioned that 3M corporation had approached as a sponsor because of his catching name with 3Ms.  I put the Reeves in contact with the pedigree goddess (Anne Peters) and horse racing historian who quickly gave them the real connections of Mucho Macho Man to the 3M corporation.  3M stands for Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing whose chairman, William McKnight, was huge in horse racing during the 50s, 60s, and 70s with his Tartan Farms in Ocala, FL.

Anne Peters was quick to point out that Mucho Macho Man’s pedigree included three of McKnight’s Tartan Farm’s most prized horses.  The Hall of Famer, Dr. Fager who was named after the surgeon who saved Tartan Farm’s trainer, John Nerud’s life.  The filly, Ta Wee their other Hall of Famer, was also in MMM’s pedigree. And probably the one that excited the 3M the most was the third horse, Minnesota Mac, who was named in honor of the farm’s owner, 3M’s McKnight.  Patti told me that the people at 3M were excited by all the connections back to Tartan, McKnight, and Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing. You thought Mucho Macho Man was merely a reference to the Village People! 😉

He now stands at Adena Spring in Paris, KY and is still a big, stunning horse that you can look at all day with awe.  Speaking of BIG – It’s huge when your first big horse brings home a Breeders’ Cup championship.Mucho Macho Man