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Point Given
Point Given


Now, what to say . . . For years whenever I would come to Kentucky I would visit my friend, Anne Peters who was the pedigree expert at Three Chimneys Farm. I’m sure I’ve been to the their stallion barns a few dozen times and always had to stop and see the Big Red Train, Point Given. He had a look that could be the equine equivalent of a Greek God: body and stature.

Several years ago I was visiting Johnny Collins who was the farm trainer at Live Oak Stud in Ocala. I looked over and saw this carbon copy of Point Given stepping unto a trailer . . . “Oh, that’s her!” I knew Points of Grace was there and when I saw this red goddess from a few yards away, Johnny didn’t even have to tell me this was her. She was stunning – if Point Given was a Greek God, then Points of Grace was Miss Universe.

Points of Grace was bred by a couple of my friends, Gary Falter and Ben Young. Ben had retired as an actor in California and moved to Kentucky with the dream of working at the famed Calumet Farm.

The only job they offered him was as a night watchman; he took it and loved it. Ben passed away of cancer a few years ago, but I’ll never forget Ben saying that it was in his will that his ashes would be spread over the horse cemetery at Calumet. He wanted some spread on Citation and some on Whirlway and some on . . well, Ben finally said, just throw the ashes everywhere there’s too many to leave any out.

When I think of Point Given, I don’t think of his Horse of the Year honor or his wins in the last two Classics; I think of Points of Grace and my friend Ben who just loved horse racing and the stars of the greatest sport.


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