Cedric and Laura Kraut


This is Cedric and Laura Kraut who were part of the USA gold medal  Olympic Show Jumping Team in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games held in Hong Kong, China.  Cedric is a bit of a new direction for me as I have  declined severalopportunities over the past decade to paint breeds  other than Thoroughbreds and in other sports in addition to Thoroughbred Racing.  I was able to see Cedric in Wellington last year and meet his  rider Laura Kraut.  The duo recently teamed up again to win the 2012  Global Champions Tour event in Lausanne, Switzerland.  This painting is  actually set at the scene of his 2010 Global Champions Tour victory in  Chantilly, France.  As an artist when picking the setting for the  painting I was intrigued by the possibilities of what could be done in  the  background.  Painting Cedric in front of the Chateau de Chantilly  for former owner was a pleasure and it has already opened other doors  that may pull me to other events and paint other great (non-racing)  horses. This painting was commissioned by his former owner Cortright  Wetherill whose family has been in sport of kings for nearly a hundred  years; so there is a connection.